Marketing Coordinator, Abigayle Norman, reviews the ads from Super Bowl LI.


Another Super Bowl has come and gone – and for most of us, especially the Atlanta Falcons fans the best bit of it was the advertisements. I’ve taken it upon myself to watch all the ads and I have to say, on the whole, I was quite disappointed by them. The ads fell into two categories for me – brands that were trying to send a message (some succeeded and others didn’t) and then brands that were attempting to be funny. I can’t say there was an ad that completely blew me away, but here are my top five from this year’s Super Bowl.

I thought this ad was incredibly clever with the way they weaved in various viral ‘internet things’ into the ad. GoDaddy wouldn’t be a company without the Internet so for me this ad worked.

This was the funniest advert for me. It’s a little bit weird and a little bit out there, but it’s witty. Tax software isn’t the most exciting thing in the world so the fact that they managed to make me chuckle with their advert is a job well done.

Audi is one of the brands that used their spot to send a message. Not only do I find the message powerful I also think the way they executed it works. The message is heard loud and clear, but they haven’t thrown it in your face.

Airbnb took one of their core brand values and used it to send a topical message, which especially in the current political climate in America resonates so much. I don’t think there is anything amazing about this ad, but it makes my list for the fact that it’s an extremely current and relevant advertisement.

I don’t think this ad is a brilliant piece of creative, but it’s made my list because Snickers was bold enough to attempt a live ad on national television during the biggest advertising event of the year. The ad was true to their brand and I think they can improve upon it, but kudos for giving it a go.

To see a full review of all adverts click here. What were your favourite ads from this year?

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