Strategic Planner, Abigayle Norman, writes about Spotify's excellent use of data in her latest blog. Read the full blog below. 


Data and Spotify aren’t necessarily two words that you would put together, but when you’re a music lover like me and your job revolves around looking at consumer data and gathering insights, the words are a natural fit.

When it comes to Spotify I was an early adopter, loving the streaming service it offered and quickly became a paying customer as I was consuming over the 20-hour free limit. I have Spotify to thank for helping me discover some of my favourite bands and up and coming artists.

Yes, the £9.99 I pay every month to Spotify allows me to access all this music, but it’s Spotify’s excellent use of my listening data as well as data in general that allows me to discover new music that I love. The first time I noticed Spotify’s use of data was through its recommendation of artists that were similar to what I was already listening to, allowing me to start a radio station from the artist I was already listening. Spotify then served me similar artists while allowing me to give them a thumbs up or down to improve the quality of the station for my particular listening desires.

Then next time I noticed their use of data was in my annual summary of the music I listened to. It was presented on the platform with loads of graphs and charts and, being the data geek I am, I loved it. I could see how many hours I spent listening to certain artists, genres, playlists and what my most played songs were.

Spotify then introduced the discover weekly playlist, compiling a 30 track playlist of music you will probably like. This is excellent use of listening data and personalisation. It is from this playlist that I have discovered many new artists.

Their latest update and excellent use of data comes from their daily mixes which compile your favourite songs peppered with a few new ones you might like into playlists by genre. When I’m struggling to find a playlist to listen to it’s the first place I go.

As marketers I think we could all take a page out of Spotify’s book. They’ve managed to capitalise on all the data they have and use it in a way that benefits them and the consumer.

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